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It is important to understand that every apartment and house that has bed bugs is completely different. This means that treatment for each house can be somewhat different. Factors like carpeting, if the bugs are in the walls, different kinds of beds and other variables will make each treatment program slightly different. The following recommendations may not all apply to your case. We are happy to answer any questions about your particular case, though our customer service. 

1. Inspection 

First you need to find out how severe your infestation is by looking in places bed bugs have been known to hide. 

 • Mattresses 

• Boxsprings 

• Any thing close to the bed 

• Dresser and nightstands o Under carpeting (perimeter) 

• Couches (turn couch over) 

• Cracks in walls or floors 

• Behind picture frames 

2. Cleanup Debris 

Now that you have identified all the infested areas, it is time to clean up and throw out cardboard, newspapers, or any unnecessary garbage from the infested areas. It is also important to remove any items that are stored under or close to the bed. Do not put these items under the bed again until the infestation is gone. 

3. Remove Bedding 

The next step is to take the bedding off all beds, then put them in plastic bag and seal it. Obviously they will need to be washed. It is important to note that you should leave all clean laundry and bedding in clean garbage bags until the infestation is gone. 

4. Spray Affected Areas 

It is now the time to begin spraying the product. We recommend that you flip and spray all box springs, mattresses and couches. Additionally refer to step 1 and spray all those areas as well. Be sure to pay special attention to all wood, like the bottoms of box springs and the backs of dressers. 

5. Repeat Spray Treatment 

In terms of how often you treat the home we recommend the following schedule. Treat for 3 days in a row then 2 times a week for 1 month.